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Association Regions

NAICJA established ten regions to encompass tribal justice systems across Indian Country.


Association Region No. 1
The area of the states of Oklahoma, Texas, excluding the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo of Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.
Association Region No. 2
The area of the States of Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, and California, excluding those areas set forth in Association Regions 6 and 8.
Association Region No. 3
The area of the States of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.
Association Region No. 4
The area of the States of Montana and Wyoming.
Association Region No. 5
The area of the States of Nebraska, North Dakota, Iowa, and South Dakota.
Association Region No. 6
The area of the Navajo Reservation in the States of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.
Association Region No. 7
The area of the States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Florida.
Association Region No. 8
The areas of the States of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and and the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo of Texas, excluding the Navajo Reservation, and the Fort Mohave Indian Reservation.
Association Region No. 9
The area of the State of Alaska.
Association Region No. 10
The areas of the States of Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.


About NAICJA's Regions

The two-pronged goal of NAICJA’s regions is to 1) optimize communication between NAICJA and its members, and 2) encourage interaction and networking between tribal judges and other justice personnel within the regions and across regions.

NAICJA also values having a Board of Directors, Steering Committee, and Membership that represent a broad range of tribal justice systems across Indian Country to ensure that NAICJA is listening to its constituency and achieving its mission of strengthening and enhancing tribal justice systems. NAICJA‘s membership elects a Board of Directors of 20 active NAICJA members who represent and preside in each of NAICJA’s ten designated regions (two members from each region sit on the Board). NAICJA’s membership also elects a Steering Committee which consists of members who assist the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity. Each Board Member is supported by one Steering Committee Member who hails from the Board Member’s region. Steering Committee Members do not have the right to vote in Board meetings unless a Board Member from their region is absent.

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